Cliché: See the big picture. Up close and personal.
POCS Reality: POCS can get their information directly from my seminar:
College Process Without Stress: from forming a college list through attending college graduation

Dear future and current parents of college students:

Are you and members of your organization stressing over the college admission and financial aid process? Are you prepared for your role in your child’s college life? How can striving parents survive and thrive as they cope with their student’s college years? Find out from a POCS (Parent Of a College Student).

My name is Wendy David-Gaines, POCSmom and author of Parents Of College Students survival stories. I reinterpret common clichés based on POCS experiences to provide the answers in my one-hour seminar. Chock full of helpful tips, humor and parental empathy, seminar topics include:

 • The missing (family expenses) link from the cost of attendance (COA)
 • The four (not just three) categories of schools for a successful college list
 • Cracking the (college admission and financial aid programs) code
 • The college parent balancing act (family hierarchy vs. adult child)
 • Maximizing the value of a diploma & adding to a student's resume

I write and lecture about college matters for schools, PTAs, libraries, businesses and other organizations. I tour colleges and speak with college professors and administrators, students and parents.

To schedule a seminar for your group, please contact .

Wendy David-Gaines

P.S. As a bonus for your organization, special discounts are available off the $14.95 cover price of Parents Of College Students survival stories when purchasing at a seminar. Also, ask about how to turn your event into a fundraiser.