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Cliché: Take their word for it.
POCS Reality: Parents Of College Students survival stories is reviewed.
• Monica L. Matthews, Scholarship Expert and author of How To Win College Scholarships
I am a POCS, are you? I am also a Pre-POCS. If you are scratching your head trying to figure out what I am talking about, let me clarify. I am a Parent Of a College Student and a Pre-Parent Of a College Student! My oldest son is a junior in college and my middle son is a junior in high school. I recently came across a book that, after delving into the first few pages, COULD NOT PUT DOWN until I had finished it. Wendy David-Gaines, author of POCS Survival Stories, takes the stressful, serious, and often confusing, process of having a college-bound student and breaks it down into quirky, amusing, and touching tales that parents everywhere can relate to. Each story that I read prompted me to smile, chuckle, or say to myself, "Oh that's a great idea!"
POCS Survival Stories contains valuable information crucial to surviving the college process from finding a college all the way to life after college. Parents will learn the meaning of mysterious financial aid terms such as "EFC" and "FAFSA" while picking up tips on dorm rooms, move-in day dilemmas, campus security details, and care packages from home, to name just a few. Wendy David-Gaines takes the stressful experience of being a parent of a college-bound student and molds it into an amusing journey full of laughter, love, and truth. If you are a Pre-POCS or a POCS, you will love and cherish this book!
Celest Horton, How to Pay for College HQ Podcast series
Wendy is the POCSmom, which is short for Parents Of College Students Mom and the author of Parents Of College Students Survival Stories, what to expect, what to do and what to avoid. Her book contains an entertaining mixture of short stories that provide inspiration and demystify the college process so that parents can handle it with stride and not stress.