Getting Info

Cliché: Word to the wise.
POCS Reality: POCS can find new information sources.

Sources of Information
 • your student
 • college website
 • college parent association
 • student radio, TV, newspapers
 • roommate’s parents
 • fellow POCS
Your student is in college but how is she doing? Maybe she tells you but maybe she doesn’t. Don’t expect to find out through Parent-Teacher conferences and report cards.

You may get an invite to a college-sponsored Family Event but most college records are off limits unless the student gives you permission for access under federal privacy regulations.*

For up-to-date information about the college in general and a college events calendar including exam schedule, vacation breaks and campus events, check out its website. Some colleges offer to send e-mail alerts to parents who sign up.

While you’re browsing, find out about the college’s parent association. It’s another great source of college life info from a parent’s point of view. To get a student’s viewpoint, check out student-run college media: radio, TV and newspapers.

You can connect with a roommate’s parents or any parent of your student’s friends. You never know what pearls may drop from a fellow POCS.

*Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulations (FERPA) 34 CFR Part 99

For general information from the federal government:
www.studentaid.ed.gov college, career and scholarship search, types of aid, loan information, college prep checklists
www.studentaid.ed.gov/resources/parents parent section
www.fafsa4caster.ed.gov calculate your EFC (expected family contribution) and get estimate of federal financial aid
www.fafsa.gov FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid form)
nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator college statistics for search and comparison
www.hesc.com college and scholarship searches, college prep info and checklists, NYS TAP (Tuition Assistance Program), financial aid award comparison tool
wdcrobcolp01.ed.gov/Programs/EROD state higher education agencies, find yours