About POCSmom

Cliché: Know thyself.
POCS Reality: I love fun, hate stress, and am passionate about the college process. I enjoy sharing my insights so parents and their college-bound students can enjoy NOT dread the college process.
Who is POCSmom?
Call me crazy but I loved my kids' terrible twos. What others deemed the age of “Just say no” was for me the beginning of a beautiful relationship. So it was no surprise when others around me were overwhelmed by college stress while I was enjoying every exciting minute of the college process.

My name is Wendy David-Gaines and I’m known as POCSmom. I’ve been writing/lecturing for the college-bound and keeping current by travelling to colleges for about a decade. I speak with college professors and administrators, students and parents. I’m an active member of both counseling and financial aid professional organizations, participate in college fairs, and am the Long Island College Prep Examiner for examiner.com.

I practice what I preach. My husband and I have two children who graduated from college, got jobs, and are self-supporting. Before they got there, we had fun forming the college lists, taking collegecations (definition is in the last question below), and comparing college financial aid grants and scholarships awards.

We maintained regular communication during the college years and continue to enjoy each other’s company. Families can survive and thrive and I’m living proof of parent survival.

That’s why I call POCS (definition is in the next question below) the college condition parents are proud to have.

What motivates students to go to college? The answers include knowledge, career, and money. Studies show an educational investment in your future pays off big time in each of these categories.

What motivates me? You. I love fun, hate stress, and am passionate about higher education. College may not be for everyone, but everyone who can benefit should be able to pursue their higher education dreams for the betterment of self, family, community, and our great nation.

Who will build the next better mousetrap? Who will write the next best seller? Who will find a cure for cancer? They may be college-bound right now.

So don’t let stress about the college process get you down. Together, let’s have some fun learning about the admission and financial aid programs, college life, and life after college. Take a deep breath. You’ll find out how successful college lists are the foundation of the entire college process that lead the way to an affordable college education that can be completed in a timely manner that starts a successful career that enhances both students and their parents’ lives. Now start breathing normally again because you’ll avoid the college domino effect where one of these steps is missed, knocking the process down, leading to academic and financial disaster.

Families can survive, thrive, and enjoy the college process. I’ll share my college insights with you using humor and insider tips so you can have the DIY knowledge to plan and look forward to those wonderful college years.
POCS is an acronym for Parent Of a College Student.
Pre-POCS is an acronym for Parent Of a College-bound Student.
No matter the economy, families do not have to choose between taking a vacation and visiting a college. They can do both with what I call a collegecation. Plan a road trip vacation with colleges as destinations. Stop at attractions along the way and enjoy the free and low-cost activities and events on and near each college campus.