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The college process is often described as a maze because it can be complicated, costly and confusing.
When is the best time to start the college process?
Is college a love match or a consumer purchase?
What is the parent role for each step of the college process?
Wendy David-Gaines, POCSmom, has the answers to these questions and more. Find them on this site, her book Parents Of College Students Survival Stories, the POCSmom’s Insights blog including the new Wednesday’s Parent series, and the Long Island College Prep Examiner column. You will also learn how it takes a village to get into college these days and how parents can help their student reach his or her goals and achieve success.
The tips are based on POCSmom Wendy’s background in financial aid and personal experience. She has two children who graduated from college within four years including a semester abroad each, after receiving college scholarships that lowered the college bill significantly. They both got jobs after graduation!
Parents and their college-bound students often feel stressed and fearful about the cost, forming a college list, standardized tests, admission and financial aid processes, choosing a major, graduating on time, and finding a job after graduation.
The college process is not a static one. Change comes fast so parents and their college-bound students must know the latest in the admissions and financial aid programs, college life, and how to best prepare for life after college. Out-dated information, myths, and misconceptions can lead to costly mistakes.
College myth-buster and stress-buster POCSmom Wendy comes to the rescue. Wendy’s book, blog and articles share her insights so families know what to expect, do and avoid.
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling and having family fun as you begin to parent a soon-to-be-an-adult child through the college process.
Many may consider navigating the college process without stress and with knowledge to plan, a goal in itself but POCSmom Wendy wants families to have it all: students graduating from affordable colleges in four years with a job that makes them self-supporting and a desire to continue family communications and visitations.
That’s what I want, how about you?
Let’s connect via social media, please comment on the blogs, subscribe to the examiner column, and enjoy reading my book’s parent survival stories!

Please enjoy this bonus POCS survival story.

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